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How to maintain and maintain the labeling machine

How to maintain and maintain the labeling machine
The application of labeling machines in the market is very extensive. Just like today's products are inseparable from packaging equipment, they are also inseparable from labeling equipment. The products after labeling by the labeling machine can make consumers more appealing. Learn more about the products you are buying to make it easier for consumers to choose. Today, the labeling machine manufacturer tells you how to maintain and maintain the automatic labeling machine for bottled products, so that the labeling equipment can serve you for a longer time!
1. The machine should be wiped every day to keep the inside and outside of the machine clean, free of grease and dirt; in order to meet the requirements that the paint sees the true color, the shaft sees the light and the groove sees the bottom.
2. Check the sensitivity of the photoelectric sensor and whether the mechanical parts are complete, complete and effective.
3. Pay attention to observe whether the host has abnormal noise, vibration and special smell during operation.
4. The labeling machine is easy to inhale dust during operation, so it is necessary to clean the dust on the labeling machine regularly. When the labeling machine is temporarily idle, unplug the power supply and cover it with a dust cloth to prevent dust from falling on the labeling machine.
5. Do not forget to apply some lubricating oil in the maintenance of the labeling machine. The labeling machine should be smeared with a certain amount of lubricating oil after long-term operation. Many parts in the labeling machine, such as gears, bearings and gearboxes, are prone to rust and wear after being used for a period of time. And lubricating oil can ensure the smoothness of all parts of the labeling machine.
6. Use a brush or cloth with alkaline cleaning agent to clean the large turntable, bottle holder, standard sweep, label table, column door, machine top, bottle divider, star wheel, guardrail and platform, etc.
I hope we will have a lot of maintenance skills to help every customer. Of course, if you have more ideas about the device, feel free to communicate with us.